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Beautiful tatto girl full body Tokiwa

Release Date: 2018-05-01, Duration: minutes

I could feel wetness, traction, hardness, pressing, tightness; all at once. I still don’t know how something down there didn’t perforate or tear...fuck it was intense. Overblown delight in double cock mayhem. I was a wildcat and a hellcat combined. I was taking it all. Demanding it all. My arse and pussy gave me it all: in a heave ho; double dominant filling masculine moment; that subsumed my femininity in a new base slut desire. I cummed effusively and loudly; as a throbbing cock jerked and deposited jizz in my arse and a pulsating stiffy unloaded spunk deep in my pleasure pleased pussy. Oh fuck; if they hadn’t kept me squeezed between them as they both withdrew, I would have slunk to the floor and lain pleasantly in the puddles of jizz splattered there from my leaking happy holes.... Well we had all earned a beer. Boy did I gulp it down: as fast and greedy as the guys. Talk about a girl not knowing where her fuck buddy would emerge from in a new city. Sydney was however; looking good: better than good. My mobile rang: Sean was going to a party: he’d catch up with me tomorrow afternoon. He asked if I would be okay by myself: the prick already assuming I would be. Oh I was fine: I got the guys another beer and myself one: we talked and slowed down a bit on the second drink because we all knew we now had the place to ourselves. Some easy flirting quickly descended to the lewd: but hey we were all fine with that: we had our threesome skills to practice and refine. Fuckmates rather than a fuckbuddy had a nicer ring to it: in my head

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