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Girl Love Sucking A Big Hard Dick FC2

Release Date: 2018-05-05, Duration: minutes

My hand found his hard cock through his shorts, my was it big, and it was so easy to squeeze and rub through his thin shorts. i started to put my other hand down the front of his shorts when he pulled away form me. "lets go to the bedroom" he said. He grabbed by hand and lead me to the back of the house. They had a lovely king size log bed with a soft but firm mattress i found after he turned and had thrown me on to it. He grabbed my shorts and panties in one and pulled them both down and off. standing between my legs now with my bare pussy rubbing against his cock through his shorts he teased me for a few seconds before dropping to his knees. His tong started on my thigh, he worked around the the top of my pussy, just missing my clit, and then to the other thigh. he worked down, jsut between my ass and my pussy, teasing me. Then suddenly his tongue was pressed into my pussy as far as he could, i could feel and hear him licking at me, his tongue felt amazing. i felt his hand come up and his fingers joined in, first one, then 2, then 3 as his mouth moved to suck on my clit. he was making a 'come over here' gesture with his fingers inside of my pussy and i was loving it.

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