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Hot Beauty Woman Love To Fuck Hard With Hot Lingerie - Yui Asakawa

Release Date: 2018-05-05, Duration: minutes

"oooooh fuuuuuck" i moaned "oh fuck I am cumming, dont stop, dont stop. oooooooh" i moaned as I came super hard, i honestly think i might have even blacked out for a second. When i looked up he was smiling at me, his face dripping in water. "whats on your face?" i said, worried i had done something. "you squirted" he said with a big smile "um no, I dont squirt." I said. knowing he must have gotten confused, i have never squirt in my life. "oh yes you did. it was fucking hot too. Have you not ever squirt before?" he asked as he grabbed for a towel off the dresser and wiped his face. "no, i didnt think i could, are you sure I did?" I asked still not fully believing him. He smiled, wiping off his chest now to make sure he got it all. "Yes I am positive, you squirt quite a bit" I was actually kind of embarrassed. "i am sorry, I didn't know or i would have warned you or something." I said. He got back between my legs, pulled up my shirt to reveal my tits and said "it was my pleasure" as he put his mouth on my nipples. he swirled his tongue around them, taking turns on them. "i just love your young body" he said. "how smooth it is, how tight it is... How tight this... is" he said as I felt his cock start to enter me. I hadn't even noticed he had dropped his shorts. the surprise was exciting, intensifying the sensations of his cock stretching my pussy walls, i felt every little motion as he slid in until he was balls deep in me. "fuck, that feels so amazing" i said.

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