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Release Date: 2018-04-14, Duration: 1:59:17 minutes

When he pulled up to the boat, Ty was waiting for him. Shit, he thought, I forgot about Ty. The two shook hands and caught up a bit. Robert was pissed off that all his plans were ruined. Tyrell noticed something was wrong and asked what was up. Robert knew this might be the only chance to be alone with Linda and decided to fill Ty in on his plans. Robert quickly removed his shorts and hid them in the cabin. He came back to the railing wearing his bikini briefs. Ty was standing at the door of the bath house waiting for Linda. She emerged wearing a modest one piece bathing suit with shorts on over it. She had put her sweats in the duffel bag and was dragging it behind her. Ty gallantly offered to bring the bag in with him after he changed and she handed it over. Linda boarded the ship and paused when she saw what Robert was wearing. He noticed her eyes run quickly down his build and pause briefly on his bulge. He walked over and gave her a quick hug, trying to indiscreetly press his cock against her stomach.

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