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Jav Japanese exotic facial features and dynamite body - Sasamiya Eriana

Release Date: 2018-05-16, Duration: minutes

We made our way to the room and she sat in her chair. I went to make a coffee for her and put it on her side table, next to the chair. I turned away and was asked to turn back. “don’t you think we should get rid of that” she said pointing at my aching hard on. Next thing she grabbed my hand and brought me closer to her, pulling the top of my (her) panties down exposing my hard on she proceeded to play with my cock then in a flash it was in her mouth. She was bobbing on my cock all the time her eyes looking up at me. I have never seen such a wonderful site, nor have I since. It didn’t take long for me to cum again and again. I expected her to be disgusted and spit it out and tell me off for not warning her, instead she just smiled and swallowed everything I could pump out. Instead of apologising I now thanked her. 1pondo-050618_683

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